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Executive members, staff and volunteers

Executive Committee

Philip Austin   - Co-Chair and Secretary
Alison Dalton - Co Chair
Shashikant Merchant - Treasurer
Saeedbhai Akuji
Imtiaz Ali
DC Keith Galley
Rev Lawrence Aboagye
Hirendra Patel
Ilaben Kothari
Molana Faruk Ali


Stephanie Dermott - Co-ordinator


We welcome volunteers from the community who are interested in Interfaith work. 
The following are some of those who have provided much appreciated support in recent years:
Jay Patel, Hema Chevli, Jamilaben, Carl Austin, Ganshyam Patel and Muqadas Iqbal (Admin) and Dip Bhatt (Young Student from St James School) in our Community work

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